UV/AV comes from a faraway utopian dimension.

It is a peaceful place, far different from our own, where photosynthetic beings spend their lives basking in UV rays and raving to energetic disco.

They understand neither struggle, nor wearing clothing.

they have been forced to face such obstacles.

The warm UV light of their dimension, the source of their boundless energy, has begun to dim.

But there is still hope for these photoautotrophs in our own dimension: planet Earth.

They have heard that Earth possesses a strong, harsh light that nurtures billions of diverse beings.

A small unit of volunteers has been tasked with harnessing this light to bring it back to their dimension before it is too late.

Not being accustomed to wearing much clothing at all, the beings created three essential pieces to withstand harsh planet Earth while keeping a low profile.

An all-weather cloak, a jumpsuit, and a hammock for sleeping make up the first collection from UV/AV, a clothing system designed for any journey.